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Bird Of Paradise - Hospitality Services


BIRD OF PARADISE is a Pune Based Hospitality Services Management firm successfully active in the market last 5 + years, has extensive knowledge in the industry development, market research, strategic business planning, project development, marketing and sales of the hotels, resorts & service apartments etc.

Our Prime Focus is to become a one point of contact for the corporate industry for all their administrative & operational needs

At Bird Of Paradise we understand the need of our clients and accordingly provide well designed accommodation solutions with all the basic facilities provided in it, we make sure that our guest experiences the hassle free stay and benefits the facility & services with us.

BIRD OF PARADISE offers wide range of Serviced Apartments/corporate guest houses spread across various locations of the Pune city, our key area of functioning is to provide stylish living with homely feel. Consistency & affordability are the major aspects of it.

Bird of Paradise Hospitality offers Hoteliers complete Management & Operational solutions by undertaking their properties - Bird of Hospitality works towards providing easy operations & management solutions by using sustainable platforms & simplified systems. – Our team is always ready with its innovative business ideas, creative concepts, effective operating systems, effective marketing campaign & easy sales method in order to help developers/hoteliers to set up & run their projects smoothly

We also offers you stay arrangements in various Hotels & Resorts with which we have exclusive tie up & the rate contract, we can avail you the best of the facilities & Special packages from the particular properties, Be it a holiday destination or corporate travel we make sure that you experience the comfortable stay

The need of travel arrives at the same time and hence we provide a complete solution to the Car Rental services; our fleet includes variety of veh-icles to be provided according to your need

We partner with various properties and centers and get you the easy access towards your events or conferences, whenever the first thought of celebration or get together comes in your mind, we make sure that we have the right solution & simplified co-ordination is provided by us. We understand the timely need to save your valuable time

Besides above we understand the need of temporary/permanent housing, hence also offers economically viable housing solutions towards your requirements. Be it Relocation Services or Real Estate Assistance , We will make sure that you will get the right guidelines towards easy & hassle free solutions. Our approach is to introduce sustainable platforms to obtain quality housing! We assure you low cost, hi design housing opportunities!

We simply believe in treating people with complete service spirit & personal care! We look forward to the opportunity to be at your service 24/7. We will be happy to have you with us and assures the commitment towards our services.

Our Mission

To provide comfortable, hassle free, cost effective and competitive hospitality services with attentive support services & commitment in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Mechanics of industry is easy, but real engine for every industry is the people: Their comfort & happiness, hence personalized care towards people certainly makes difference!

Did You Know

What is "hospitality according to "Bird-of-Paradise" ?

Hospitality has existed since the beginning of the human race, because it carries the principle values of the human beings. Through out time, hospitality has played an essential role in our social life, because it has been used in many of its domains.

We believe today hospitality is present everywhere, still keeping its original metaphysical values, which doesn't allow a specific definition to it. This implies that it is not something concrete or physical; it is more like a spirit towards people. Hospitality's purpose has to do with accommodating and treating people in a way that is the most appropriate to the situation.